The GSW Championship is a prediction championship created and promoted by a Council Bluffs, IA based podcast called Get Slammed Wrestling. The title is currently held by Heel-E, who is in his second reign.

History Edit

Get Slammed Wrestling Podcasts started on March 3, 2017 hosted by The Lumber Jake and Crawdaddy. The Championship was introduced to have to create competition for the hosts. Every WWE Pay-Per-View the GSW Championship is contested between the Get Slammed hosts. There has been talks of contesting the championship in actual wrestling matches, but that has yet to happen.

Championship belt design Edit

When the podcast started, the GSW Championship was a replica WWE Spinner Championship, but it was changed to the iconic Big Gold Championship Belt on April 27, 2017.

Reigns Edit

As of October 24, 2017, there have been 7 reigns. The Lumber Jake was the inaugural champion, and holds the most reigns at 3. Heel-E's second reign is the longest at 50 days and counting. The Lumber Jake's third reign is the shortest at 15 days. Bowen Arrow is the youngest champion at 20, while The Lumber Jake is the oldest at 23

Crawdaddy is the current champion in his second regin. Crawdaddy tied for most predictions at WWE Elimination Chamber 2018, but won the tie breaker to win the GSW Championship.

No. Champion Reign Date Days Held Pay-Per-View / Event Notes
1 The Lumber Jake 1 March 5, 2017 28 WWE Fastlane (2017) The inaugural predictions contest was between The Lumber Jake and Crawdaddy. Both got 4 out of 10 matches right, the tie breaker was if Sasha Banks got involed in the RAW Woman's title match, The Lumber Jake would win. Sasha did get involved.
2 Crawdaddy 1 April 2, 2017 28 WWE WrestleMania 33 The Lumber Jake put the title on the line against Crawdaddy and the newest addition to GSW, Heel-E. Crawdaddy got 9 out of 13 matches correct.
3 Heel-E 1 April 30, 2017 22 WWE Payback (2017) Heel-E got 5 out of 8 matches correct.
4 The Lumber Jake/MaharaJake 2 May 21, 2017 49 WWE Backlash (2017) The Lumber Jake got 6 out of 8 matches correct, become the first 2 time champion. The LumberJake changed his name to the MaharaJake on 6/18/17
5 Bowen Arrow 1 July 9, 2017 42 WWE Great Balls of Fire Bowen Arrow debut on Episode 10 of Get Slammed saying he was the rightful holder of the GSW Championship for out predicting the GSW crew. He joined the crew and predicted 6 out of 8 matches correct.
6 The Lumber Jake 3 August 20, 2017 15 WWE SummerSlam (2017) The Lumber Jake got 10 out of 13 matches correct, become the first 3 time champion. Also taking the record for most matches correct on a PPV.
7 Heel-E 2 September 4, 2017 174 Monday Night Raw Heel-E cashed in GSW MITB for a match with The Lumber Jake.
8 Crawdaddy 2 February 25, 2018 14+ WWE Elimination Chamber (2018) Crawdaddy tied for most predictions, but won the tie breaker to win the GSW Championship

Combined Reigns Edit

Rank Champion No. of Reigns Combined Days
1 Heel-E 2 196
2 The Lumber Jake 3 92
3 Crawdaddy 2 42+
4 Bowen Arrow 1 42